The whole imagery was formed using words. Words with a meaning and a context behind them  A beard will never tell what your religion is. Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Sikh, Jan; they all have beards.  In the part of the world where I come from, having a beard is a symbol of being a good Muslim, however, what the majority fails to understand is that beard is a phenomenon that exists in almost all the religions.  You might be a hippy and be mistaken for a Muslim, just because you have grown a beard!
 Here the relevance to one having a beard in order to be a better person is linked with the comparison of Lion and a Monkey. Because Lion and Monkey both have beards but if Lion is the king of the Jungle then it's because of his character and not because of his beard. 
 "Monkey and Lion, both have a beard."  The concept is a comment on the stereotyping of people based on their looks. The whole idea revolves around the concept of beard and how its perceived to make people look holy or less holy. Your looks can never build your character, your actions do that!
 Visitors looking at the artwork. The art exhibition was Warehouse Art Gallery in Karachi Pakistan. 
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